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Photo and Digital Archiving Services

What do you do with those boxes and family photos, documents, clippings, greeting cards and other paper items?  

We can scan the items, label the digital files, and create a digital archive for you.  ​For photos and slides, we can also correct them for color and contrast, which are usually the biggest problems with vintage images.

This is a great solution that allows you to

  • organize and easily view your collection 

  • share digital copies of family photos and ephemera

  • and maybe even regain some closet space.  

Pricing varies according to project, but we'll be happy to give you a free estimate.  



Nearly 50-year-old cards welcoming the new baby.  Stored in the basement for several decades, they were scanned before disintegrating further.


Ode to Mother, 1983.*

*Mother confirms that she did always like washing our clothes. 

Digital Restoration

Before and after of digitally restored 95-year-old photograph

Photo Identification


We offer other photo services, to either aid in your own documentation and organization or to help sort out the piles of unidentified photos you may have:

  • Do you have different photos that you think may be the same person?  We can use software to overlay facial features as well as identify clothing styles and age to determine a possible match in identity.

  • We can help determine the identity of old photos or tintypes based on clothing styles, how the photo was printed, and ages/dates in your family tree.

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