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Our Services

We offer affordable research services for genealogy and family history.
  • Genealogical and genetic genealogy research services are just $59 per hour. 
  • Photo services start at $10 for single specialty images.  Larger photo projects are based on $59 per hour, but number of hours varies according to client request.
  • See the list below for our most popular services.  If you have a question about something that isn't listed here, don't hesitate to ask us for more information!
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Genetic Genealogy

Genetic genealogy uses DNA to determine biological relationships. 


It's the service for adoptees and others looking for one or both biological parents. It's also for those who have their DNA results but don't know how to interpret them. 

And it can be useful for solving the roadblocks among the branches of your more distant family tree. 

This service requires the client to purchase or have already purchased the AncestryDNA kit.  A minimum commitment of 4 hours of research may apply.    

Building a Family Tree

We can build a family tree of any size, either starting from scratch or expanding a tree that you've already started. 

You can set a budget up front, or we can work toward a specific goal, such as a particular branch or side of your tree. 

Archiving Photos & Documents

If you have boxes of photos, old documents, or other treasured papers, we can digitize, correct, and label the digital files.

If you have boxes of old photos that are not treasured, and you're considering not keeping them, please don't throw them out! Contact us, and we'll let you know if they are something we'd like to add to our collection.  

Restoring Digital Images

With a high-quality scanned copy of an old photo, a lot can be done to repair the image and correct scratches, tears, discoloration, and fading.

Individualized Sessions & Recordings

Individualized or group sessions via video-conferencing allow you to move through your family history with a guide, or learn how to navigate the tree we've built for you.  

Recorded presentations of your family history are perfect for reunions or to share with family in a variety of ways.

Locating an Ancestral Home

It's often possible to find ancestral homes that are still standing, old homesteads/farms based on land records or deeds, and possibly even family castles or farms back in Europe.

Finding the Facts

We can help you try to locate an ancestor's burial location, an obituary, or other documents that might answer questions and add dimension to their life.

Identifying Photos at Different Ages

Do you have different photos that you think may be the same person?  We can use software to overlay facial features as well as identify clothing styles and age to determine a possible match in identity.

Researching a "Roadblock"

If you are conducting your own genealogy research and have found something you cannot solve, hire us to crack it!

Helping You Contact Living Relatives

We have been able to locate living relatives, such as distant cousins, who may have photos, heirlooms, or more knowledge of your shared ancestors.  We have successfully located many distant cousins across the U.S. and well as in Norway, Canada, and the U.K.

This is also a service for those individuals whose DNA results have identified previously unknown relatives.  In some situations, a third party might be a better option to facilitate the initial communication between individuals whose genetic relationship may be a surprise to one or both parties.  

Creating a Digital Tintype

Submit a portrait or any digital photo to us and we will turn it into a digital tintype. Great for family photos, children's portraits and travel photos for those "old souls" among us.  

Creating Family Tree Art

We offer many beautiful designs to display your family tree as art.  

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