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Individualized Sessions & Recordings

These options make a unique gift idea or an interesting family experience!


We offer the following: 


  • Individualized or group sessions via video-conferencing.  We'll set up the video conference, but the topic and participants are up to you.  Do you need help setting up an account at a DNA testing site, or starting a family tree?  Or is there a person or couple in your family tree that you'd like to learn more about?  Or do you want a guide through the elements of a family tree that we've built for you, along with your siblings, parents, or children?  We offer a variety of services, each customizable to your family history interest and goal.  Pricing for the video-conferencing sessions is $68 per hour.  

  • Recorded presentations.  We can create personalized video presentations of family history, which are perfect for reunions or to share with family in a variety of ways.  The length, topic, and research time will vary per project, so costs vary.  But this is a great option for gathering and cataloging your family's history to share with the future.  The end product is a YouTube video that is easy to share with others.  Research is $68 per hour, but pricing for the recorded sessions is based on the length determined by the client.   See our YouTube channel for examples of our videos.  

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