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Abby's Autographs

This autograph album belonged to my great-grandmother, Abby Lulu White McFarlane.

Antique autograph book
The earliest entry in this book is from 1891.

Most of these that I've seen encompass a brief time period with their (usually) dated entries. Lulu kept this one with her and used it frequently from the 1890s into the 1930s. She was born in 1881 and one of the earliest entries I see is from her 8 year old brother, Arthur in 1891.

autograph entry from a young boy
The entry from Lulu's brother Arthur, age 8 at the time.

I love his entry- "Pray do not be so fickle as to fall in love with every man you see or you'll get into trouble before you're 23." That was the most playful entry. Her very intimidating grandfather, Reverend James Shankland (1818-1899) had a much more formal entry:

Entry in autograph book
Grandpa's entry

This is Abby Lulu White at her graduation in 1900.

graduation photo from 1900
Abby Lulu White, 1900


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