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Birthday Greetings

Updated: Jan 9

There's another Box of Things I Need to Go Through, which has been sitting on the floor of my office. I carried it up when I brought the Christmas decorations up from the basement. Now that the decorations are put away, I figured I should make progress on this task.

Inside was something I had not seen in a long time. It's a postcard from my great-grandmother. I can't read the postmark, but judging from the address, I must have received it between about 1983 and 1985. She would have been just over 80 then.

very old postcard

On the back she wished me a happy birthday, reported on the weather there, and hoped we had a good Christmas. She also wrote, "This card is over 50 yrs old. I don't no if you like old things...."

I do, Granny. I really do.

I put my little postcard back in the Box of Things I Need to Go Through More Often, and carried to the basement.

"Love All, Granny"


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