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Christmas Dinner

This program is tucked inside my grandfather's WWII scrapbook. It's the menu for dinner onboard the USS San Francisco on December 25, 1944.

Christmas Dinner Program & Menu, 1944
The menu for the 1944 Christmas Dinner, served in the western Pacific Ocean near the Ulithi atoll.

The dinner included the following: Assorted Olives


Sweet Mixed Pickles

Consommé Princess [With green peas and chicken; I had to Google it.]

Baked Virginia Ham

Roast Tom Turkey

Apple Dressing

Giblet Gravy

Cranberry Sauce

Mashed Potatoes

Drawn Butter

Hot Rolls

Apple Pie Ala Mode

Bread & Butter

Hard Candies


[And...] Cigars

My dinner menu for today is not much different. Just ham, with no turkey or dressing; no soup; and no cigars. And I am cooking for 8 people, not hungry sailors on a heavy cruiser warship. And I've still been to the grocery store 4 times this week for provisions.

The program also includes a message from the captain, H.E. Overesch:

Christmas brings a flood of recollections. Memories of happy, by-gone days when families, friends, and loved ones were an inseparable part of the holiday we gaily celebrated.

You may be sure that memories of you are now crowding the thoughts of those you left behind, wishing you all things good and with heartfelt prayers for your safety.

May I, too, join with them in those thoughts and in repeating those old but truly expressive words -- "A MERRY CHRISTMAS to You All."

My thoughts today include many from those happy, by-gone days of my youth--and of those who have since left me behind. But I will be with loved ones today. I wish the same to you.


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