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Distant Relatives

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

More than 30 years ago, my aunt and uncle accompanied my grandmother on her first (and only) trip to Sweden. Grandma was born in America but had fully Swedish roots. Her father was born in 1886 around Västervik, in the southeast along the coast of the Baltic Sea .

My grandmother met many relatives for the very first time while she was in Sweden. Among the many lovely things they did for her was to make an amazing keepsake scrapbook. It's filled with photos of her grandparents and extended family. This is one of the pages.

scrapbook page

Just one of the many reasons to seek out geographically distant relatives whose branches stayed behind in the homeland: they may have amazing photos and stories to share.

It bends my mind to think that Grandma's father, whom I remember from my childhood, was born 137 years ago this week.


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