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After this post, I climbed up on my kitchen countertop and got down this bowl.

antique bowl

It belonged to Granny. It's been on top of my cabinets for years, next to a bowl my husband's grandmother used for making bread, and a crock my grandfather made pickles in.

I remember baking a lot in the cold winter months during my childhood. We made fudge, peanut brittle, custards, and soufflés. Lots of cookies and caramel corn. Delicious cheesecakes and a legendarily terrible baked Alaska. Always with my dad. My mother had more of a get-out-of-this-kitchen-now philosophy when we were children.

We used this old striped bowl for making doughnuts. It held the sugar we dipped the hot fried dough into. Right before burning our mouths because we couldn't wait to sample our creation.

The bowl is small. We also used it to make hushpuppies. I remember thinking, "If we had a bigger bowl, we could make more hushpuppies...." But I guess that wasn't the point of using it. Perhaps one of us was far more sentimental than he ever let on.

I haven't made doughnuts from scratch in a very long time. But I might have to today.


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