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Found Genealogy

I found this framed document on a recent visit to a thrift store, and I just had to take it home with me.

The handwriting has faded extensively over the last century, but a quick online search helped me fill in the unreadable bits of the Danish language document--as well as some bits about the people involved.

It's a marriage certificate for Svend Petersen and Ellen Wosgaard, married February 13, 1916, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Svend and Ellen were first-generation Americans, born in the 1890s to Danish parents. Soon after their marriage they were living in Askov, Minnesota, a Danish colony that was home to 242 people at the time of the 1920 federal census (and at one time considered itself the rutabaga capital of the world).

Now 106 years after the marriage, I'm making an effort to reunite the certificate with someone in Svend and Ellen's circle. If I can't, I'll add this beauty to my collection of things lost and things found.


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