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Heirloom: Baby Blanket

Crazy quilt
Crazy quilt baby blanket

Among my many heirlooms exists this baby blanket that is a hodgepodge of fabric types and sizes carefully hand-sewn together. There was a note attached to it saying it was a baby blanket for my grandpa (Robert V. McFarlane 1904-2001) and was from "Great Grandma." In looking through his great-grandparents, there was only one candidate - Martha Scott White (1835-1917). The lone photo I have of Martha does not depict her as a doting great-grandma, as her visage seems so stern. But apparently she was. I now view the photo of her below in much a different light

Baby, 4 months old in 1909
Baby Robert, 4 months

antique photo of elderly woman
Martha Scott White


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