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Jensens, Part 2: Ingeborg's family

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

Ingeborg Anna Johannesdottir was born on March 8, 1844 on the Sandnes family farm on the island of Nærøy, Nord Trøndelag in Northern Norway. Her father, Johannes, was born in 1814, and her mother, Julianna Henriksdatter was born in 1817. Johannes listed his occupation on the 1865 census as "Farmer and owner."

Ingeborg was the 2nd of 9 children, spanning 22 years. She was the oldest to survive to adulthood, as her older brother and her brother born right after her both died as small children.

She would have been expected to do a lot around the farm. In fact, on the 1865 census, her occupation isn't listed as "child", but as "mother helper." To keep a home of 7 children and 2 adults running would have required a lot of hard work on Ingeborg's part.

Norway in the latter part of the 1800s was just starting to give women more rights and independence.

-1854- Women were awarded equal inheritance rights as men -1864- Unmarried women won the right to be legally considered an adult. Prior to this, your father controlled all of your money and assets, which would transfer to your husband upon marriage. (Married women did not win this same right until 1888.)

I like to think that it was some of this new found freedom and changing times that convinced Ingeborg to marry Jacob and set off for a new land full of opportunity.

Photo: Ingeborg's mother - Julianna Henriksdattir Sandnes, 1814-1900

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