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Jensens, Part 3: Jakob's family

Jakob Jensen was born February 2nd, 1840 on Strandval farm on the island of Nærøy, Nord Trøndelag , Norway. He was one of 6 children, and the oldest boy born to Jens Andersen (1796-1868) and Johanna Marie Gautsdatter (1811-1890).

Photo: A postcard of Strandval farm from 1909

Photo: Jacob's mother, Johanna Marie Gautsdatter

Jakob's father listed his occupation on the 1865 census as a "Husmand med jord", meaning a cottager who rented a small plot of land.

Jakob's father died in 1868, so typically the oldest son would tend the farm and live there with his family and his mother. For some reason, the farm went to Jacob's younger brother Jens Petrus. There's no way of knowing if this was WHY Jakob left for America or BECAUSE he left for America.

Jens Petrus stayed on the farm and raised a family, as did one of his sons, and his children, and on. The farm is still in the family and my 3rd cousin currently lives there. It is a high priority for me to go to Norway and see this farm that has been in my family continuously for several centuries.

Photo: The family of Jacob's brother, Jens Petrus. Jens was 7 years younger than Jacob and stayed on the family farm, as did his descendants.

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