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Jensens, Part 8: Johanna

Jacob and Ingeborg's first born was Johanna. She was born in April of 1870 while they were still in Sioux City, Iowa, during their first year in America.

Johanna married Syvert Haseth in 1898 at age 27. She and Syvert lived in Inwood, Iowa, really just across the state border from her parents, until her death in 1931 at age 61. Syvert died in 1935 at age 88.

They had 3 children - Stanley, Irene and Nora. Poor Stanley drowned on his wedding day in 1938. Irene lived a long life, married Hjalmer Hanson and had 4 children. Nora also lived a long life and married Thomas Kolsrud.

Photo: Syvert and Johanna's wedding - 1898

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