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Here's another reason why you always want to contact distant cousins and ask about family photos. Jen had this photo, but without any names.

A well-labeled photo
A well-labeled family photo

She asked around a little and received this beautifully labeled version from her mom's 90-year-old cousin. Other people may have the same photos as you, but with the sort of detail you're looking for. Because of the note about the "Golden Wedding Anniversary," we can also date this photo to around March 1, 1910. That's remnants of winter snow in the foreground if you look closely.

Meanwhile, Holly has this photo below. Or, more accurately, this copy of a copy of a photo. It's Daisy and David Coughlon's 37th anniversary, surrounded by most of their family. As a memento, it's terribly quality. But to someone who wants to identify any of the nearly 30 people in it, it will be a tremendous help.

A well-labeled (but poor quality) photo
A well-labeled (but poor quality) family photo


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