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In my personal archive of historical items--or, the plastic totes in my basement--is this booklet. This "Minnesalbum" is the "memory album" of the First Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Des Moines, Iowa. It was established in 1869, and this album was printed for its 50th anniversary.

church memory book from 1919

Among its pages are several photos, some of which may exist nowhere else. Below is one.

Founding Church Members from 1869

"Members of the congregation who were present at the foundation on 28 November, 1869.

Back--Mrs. Gust Peterson, Mrs. C.J. Youngquist, Mrs. C.A. Ryden, John Hoard, Mrs. Fritiod Johnson, Mrs. Hoard

Front--Mrs. Christina N. Carlson, Mrs. P.J. Anderson, Mrs. Augusta Osterland."

Mrs. Augusta Osterland was born in Sweden in 1845. Her obituary, from 1935, states that she was the last surviving member of the group above.

1935 obituary


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