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Presidents Day

The third Monday in February is Presidents Day. It was first observed in the year 1800 to honor the birthday of our nation's first president, who had died in 1799. Not since coloring silhouette busts of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in kindergarten have I 'celebrated' this holiday. Like a couple of other federal holidays, I don't even realize what day it is until I go to the mailbox and wonder for a few seconds why it's empty.

More exciting than today's mail holiday was a recent project. It revealed that our client shared a common ancestor with a 20th-century president. We've worked on several other projects whose family lines reach back to notable historical figures or--what was once the apex of American genealogy--to those aboard the Mayflower.

My husband has Mayflower passengers in one of his branches, of which he loves to remind me. I remind him it's an interesting fact among many. As is a presidential connection. But truly--it's all interesting to me.

Whatever stories and people make up your family tree, I hope you find it all interesting. From the parts that at first appear unique and notable, to the seemingly mundane. They all contributed to the Story of You. Sure, every tree can have a few bad apples too; remember that it's one person or one story among many.

Maybe the most you'll ever know about some branches of your family is the country or the part of a continent your ancestors are from. That's interesting too, and doesn't exclude you from documenting and knowing your own history.

A reminder that wherever you're from, it's a good story. Be proud of it.

Another reminder: today is also National Muffin Day and National Love Your Pet Day, should you need another reason to celebrate.


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