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Random Genealogy

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

By Holly

I spend a lot of time paging through digital archives. A lot of time. These books and loose papers are the ones that aren't indexed and are searchable only by locality and time period. I've uncovered a wealth of information in those digital images, but clicking through each page of a record set is time consuming. And it's disappointing to finish the book and not have found anything useful to your search.

When I'm researching, I collect far more information than will ultimately become relevant to the search at hand. If there's anything more tedious than reading through a 300-page book of hand-written records, it's reading through a 300-page book of hand-written records for the second time as you try to re-locate something you disregarded on the first pass. So I over-gather information to avoid back-tracking. What isn't useful to me, however, might be the very information that someone else has been unable to find.

Below is random information from a recent research project. It's from a snippet of the ten-year index, or indice decennale, of civilly recorded marriages in Vieste, Italy, between 1886 and 1895. Select records are available digitally through a FamilySearch family history center or FamilySearch affiliate library. Those locations are not always easy to access, though. Maybe someone searching for their roots in Vieste, in Foggia, Italy, will land on this page and find this information helpful.

Angelo d'errico and Marianna Solitro - 1891

Leonardo Desiderata and Rosa Bisanti - 1896

Angelo Desimini and Adelaide Biondini - 1889

Vincenzo Derimio and M Michela Cariglia - 1890

Giambattista Devita and Augusta Cariglia - 1886

[Fortunato?] Diario and Francesca Carbonaro - 1887

Giovanni Diario and Carmela Dimauro - 1890

Pietro di Bari and Rosa Quitadamo - 1888

Francesco di Biare and Libera Montecalvo - 1890

Michele Dicandia and Luisa Ruggieri - 1890

Teodoro Dicandia and M Giuseppa Bastardi - 1893

Michele Dicarlo and Grazia Chionchio - 1888

Giorgio Dicarlo and M Giuseppa Palazzo - 1892

Carlo Dicarlo and Constanza Olivieri - 1893

F Paolo di Cormo and Celeste Mariella - 1886

Francesco diGifico and Maria Cilenti - 1895

Giuseppe Dimauro and Nunzia Locurso - 1886

Pasquale Dimauro and Caterina Cozzi - 1886

Pietro Dimauro and Filomena Capita - 1886

Giuseppe Dimauro and Vincenza Bodinizzo - 1887

Domenico Dimauro and Isabella Clemente - 1887

Michele Dimauro and Angela Armenti - 1887

Nicola Dimauro and Donata [?] - 1888

F Antonio Dimauro and Marianna Palumbo - 1888

Lorenzo Dimauro and Isabella Viscera - 1889

Toma Dimauro and M Michela Scianname - 1889

Gaetano Dimauro and Antonia Solitro - 1889

Nicola Dimauro and Grazia Lacilla - 1889

Leonardo Dimauro and M Michela Pasquarella - 1890

Vincenzo Dimauro and M Michela Santoro - 1890

Giuseppe Dimauro and Lucrezia Maggiore - 1894

Michela Dimauro and Lucia Solitro - 1892

Michele de Michele and Lucia Solitro - 1888

Pasquale Dirodi and Filomena Ruggieri - 1888

Giuseppe Dirodi and [Anna M?] Laprocina - 1888

Antonio Dirodi and [Porcia?] Dimichele - 1890

Michele Dirodi and M Giuseppa d'Onofrio - 1892

Sebastian Dirodi and Maria Pagano - 1895

Nicola Donadio and Filomena Dimauro - 1886

Nicola Donadio and Antonia Notarangelo - 1886

Nicosio Donadio and M Giuseppa Cariglia - 1887

Antonio Donadio and Lucia Ruo - 1889

Giovanni Donadio and M Giuseppa Soldano - 1892

Giovanni Donadoni and Lucia Dimaglia - 1895

Vincenzo d'Onofrio and M Girolama Rotenza - 1892

Pietro d'Onofrio and M Nicola Mastromatteo - 1895

Michele Draicchio and Teresa Campanozzi - 1891

Francesco [Dursolliet?] and M Michela Scarpetta - 1889

[Ernestino?] Ecclesiastico and M Giuseppa Micelli - 1890

Pietro Egidio and Concetta Giannatale - 1889

Giambattista Emancipato and Maria Sentinella - 1888

Giambattista Emancipato and Maria Quitadamo - 1895

Domenico Escolino and Filomena Colletta - 1890

Domenico Escolino and [Porcia?] Scattino - 1893

Raffaele Esposito and M Michela Ricci - 1887

Nicola Esposito and Filomena Vampiro - 1891


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