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Random Records

We've become spoiled in this digital age that so many records are relatively easy to find and access via the web. But there are still some records are so hard to find.

That's certainly the case for many European records, where you still must know the exact location of your ancestor in order to find their records.

For that reason, I sometimes share information from a source that isn't easily accessible. Someone may be searching online for an ancestor's name someday, and they might find it here.

In the nearly 100% likelihood that you are not looking for any of the people below, there's still an important point here. Consider alternate sources that may provide what you need. This information is from a page of a book recording Protestant confirmations in the area of Bydgoszcz, Poland. It contains names, birth locations, and birth dates for the confirmands. It would therefore may be a good substitute should you not be able to find a birth record, or if you're trying to tie your immigrant ancestor to their place of birth. A birth date and year would help verify it's the right person.

Here are some confirmands from 1903, along with their dates of birth:

Edward Krahn 21 July 1887

Juljusz Mielke 5 August 1888

Ludvik Rudolf Müller 27 July 1886

Rudolf Richert 20 May 1888

Alwina Frey 29 August 1887

Luiza Hoffmann 27 September 1888

Florentyna Klepacz 8 August 1885

Emilia Klepacz 25 September 1887

Alwina Knopf 26 January 1889

Alwina Krause 26 May 1888

Wanda Kunke 7 April 1889

Florentyna Pekrul 3 October 1886

Ottylia Peplau 24 September 1886

Wanda Proch 10 October 1888

Emilia Rienas 23 June 1888

Paulina Römer 27 November 1887

Jakob Adams 25 June 1888

Emil Dill 4 September 1887

Fryderyk Krüger 5 April 1887

Gustaw Reich 5 September 1887

Gustaw Stiem 26 September 1886

Paulina Abbel 18 September 1888

Juljanna Bilitz 6 February 1889

Eleonora Müller 21 November 1888

Albertyna Tober 4 September 1887

Rudolf Wojke 10 February 1889

Polish record book


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