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Sarah Anderson, Part II

Sarah "Sally" Anderson Wilson’s father was John Anderson, son of George Anderson. The distribution of their property among each man’s children and their heirs can be traced through Kentucky land records. But where did they come from?

George first purchased land in Bourbon County in 1788. Several men in the area at the same time as George Anderson can be traced to Culpeper County, Virginia. A George and Reubin Anderson appear in the same household on the 1783 tax list of Culpeper Co., VA. One man is over 21 and one is over 16, helping connect them to the father and son of the same names in Bourbon Co.

John Anderson and Lucy Sutton were married in Culpeper County, Virginia, in 1786. There were several Suttons in Culpeper County who also removed to Bourbon County around this time. The connection seemed plausible that this couple could be Sarah's parents.

The will of Nathaniel Sutton was dated 1818 and proved in June 1820 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. He names his “last wife” Sarah; Joanna Stone, Rowland Sutton, William Sutton, Clary Mock, Frances Williams, John Sutton, Amos Sutton, and Talifero Sutton, all children of his last wife; and the eldest children by his first wife: James Sutton, Nancy Hill, Betsy Hill, “Lucy Hagady (which was before Anderson, being married twice),” Alma Conway, Mary Cumming, and Sally Kelly. Lucy Sutton Anderson “Hagady” [Haggerty] is surely the mother of the five Anderson children named in the records regarding George Anderson’s property on Cooper’s Run.

[In 1814, Nathaniel Sutton and his wife Sarah sold 50 acres on Cooper’s Run. They purchased the land in 1787—one year before George purchased his.]

Tracing Nathaniel back to Culpeper County allows me to fill in a long history for him and therefore his daughter Lucy Sutton Anderson Haggerty and her daughter Sarah. Much is known about Nathaniel and his history; I was just missing the link from Nathaniel to his granddaughter. Although the name of Lucy’s mother is still a mystery to me, the Suttons reach into the late 1600s in Middlesex County, Virginia. Through Nathaniel Sutton’s mother, Hope Beamount [or Beaumount or Beamont], I can find an 11th great-grandfather named Peregrine Bland. He seems to have been a colorful character, despite his surname. The coroner's inquest for his death was held in June 1647 in southeast Virginia.

Sarah Anderson's birth estimate falls equally between the last time John Anderson is known to be in Culpeper County and the first time he appears in Bourbon County. So while I don't know where she was born, I do know where she came from.

Photo: the 1703 marriage entry for Sarah Anderson Wilson's great-grandparents, Christopher Sutton and Hope [here entered as Branmont], from Middlesex County, Virginia.


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