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The bride wore white satin

Here's another example from a recent post about social items in the local newspaper.

The clipping below is from the July 8, 1920, issue of the Baraboo Weekly News, published in a town just south of Wisconsin Dells. The article was the announcement of the marriage of Miss Elsie Schneider and John Shimniok.

The descendants of Elsie and John might know a great deal about this couple. Many of us might think we too have a lot of knowledge about an ancestor or an ancestral couple. That might keep us from seeking out further information about them. But look at the details we might miss. These are the smallest of details, but they add such an element of realism to an event from over 100 years ago...which no living person now remembers.

The bride's veil included orange blossoms. The groom wore blue serge. The bridesmaid's dress was brown, trimmed in a peacock color. And the wedding location was decorated in blue and white. That paints a lovely color picture of the event. And it might give new interest to any black-and-white photos of Elsie and John's wedding that their descendants may still have.

For a long time, I didn't know my grandparents had been married on a Thursday. It's a small detail, and one I didn't know that I didn't know.


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