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Here are some other genealogy-related businesses we like!


The simplest way to build beautiful family tree books.

Family Tree Notebooks /// Genealogy Made Simple


Inherited Stories works with families to create legacy documentaries known as a Vimory™ or Vimories™ (comes from Vita Memoria; Latin for Life Memory).  Each Vimory is a custom-crafted work of visual art that highlights the personality, unique stories, and life journey of the people we love.

5% discount for mentioning you were referred by The Formidable Genealogist!

Inherited Stories: Family Legacy Documentaries - Stories Of Life Preserved Forever


Germanology Unlocked - Katherine Schober is an expert on German Genealogy. Check out her website for free webinars and her shop for courses and educational materials.

Germanology Unlocked Shop


Know Your Ancestors: Ancestral Story Weaving - Professional Genealogist and podcast host, Megan Hillyer, creates a personalized 1 hour Zoom call to teach you about your family's history. 

"Personalized sessions to weave the stories of your ancestors from professional genealogical research into a tangible tapestry of understanding your personal constellation, deepening ancestral connection, and healing your lineage."

Use code FG50 for $50 off your session

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