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The work we do is very personal, and it often involves extremely private details. 

Should you like a more detailed reference of our work, please ask us.  We'll find an example of a similar research or analysis goal to share with you.

K.B., Colorado

"AMAZING is the word that keeps coming to my mind in describing the work of The Formidable Genealogist! These two ladies took the tangled web of my family DNA and made short work of it and were able to determine the link that has helped solve a family mystery!

The cost was minimal and worth every penny and then some. Their research is SOLID and explained to you in such a manner that even a beginner can follow and understand. They were able to find the missing puzzle piece that had me stumped in just 5 hours!

I highly recommend The Formidable Genealogist for a wonderful and amazing experience in helping solve any DNA mystery/puzzle/conundrum!"


J.M., Iowa

We helped a client find answers to a 91-year-old mystery.  Her father had passed away decades ago, having never spoken to his children about his family of origin.  We used DNA results and records to reveal one very unique and touching story about hard times and hard decisions.  


"It was rewarding to have answers to things that were never discussed in our family.  It was only through your ability to research and locate documents that we know what happened in our father's life.  I would never have been able to piece Dad's history together without your expertise and your professional training."


M.G., Minnesota

"Thank you so much for all the information you found on my birth family.  You did a great job.  The information you found is what I wanted to know.... I can operate life saving equipment at work, but the two of you give parts of life back to people.


You have my permission to use any of my words to form a very positive review on your website.  You are both great at what you do!"

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