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When this you see

I found this autograph book in a thrift store in Clear Lake, Iowa, and bought it on a whim. I told the shop owner I intended to try to get it back to family members. He said it was family members who sold it to him, unfortunately.

This book originally belonged to Thomas Klepper, M.D., born in 1828 and living in Lathrop, Missouri. The autograph book is dates 1898 but I'm thinking his grandson must have also used it because there are many school age children who signed it to "Tommy" in around 1910. I don't think children were likely calling 80-year-old Dr. Klepper "Tommy."

Nearly every page is full and some of them are so clever. I've included a couple of my favorites.

I spent some time researching descendants and reaching out, but haven't heard back from anyone. I'm going to post it online in the hope someone will search the name and find it.

antique autograph page
Thomas G. Klepper was born April 17, 1829.

antique autograph page
The page of Willie J. Kelley

antique autograph page
The page of Melvin Gilchrist of Lathrop, Missouri


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