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Another of my recent finds:

photo of young woman, 1910s

Blanche V. Rogers Lloyd was the mother of Evelyn Lucile and Lenore Ellen from another post. Blanche was born in Nebraska in 1887 to parents from Maine.

Blanche was married in 1908. This photo was probably taken around that time. In addition to the relative age of the woman in the photo, the blouse she's wearing looks characteristically Edwardian.

The Edwardian era was the period from 1901-1910. It was named after the reign of King Edward VII of England, which came directly after Queen Victoria and the Victorian era.

A woman of the Victoria era wanted an hourglass silhouette, but the Edwardian style was to give the woman an S-shape. Corseting forced the hips backward and the chest forward. This photo shows a characteristic blousing of the top over the waistband of the skirt.


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