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Mabel, Forrest, and Les

Updated: Feb 1

My collection of unclaimed photos includes this one. It's labeled on the back but only says "Mabel, Forest, and Les."

Searching for families that included siblings with those names returned a few results. One family tree that included the surname "Gaver" jumped out at me, as that name appears on the back of another less-than-well-labeled photo in the same box.

These must be the children of Bertha Gaver and her husband Edward Weaver, who lived in Ohio. The three eldest of their children were Mabel, born in 1906; Forrest, born in 1907; and Lester, born in 1910.

children around 1912

I'll have to go through the photos again, to see if I can identify more photo subjects as Gavers or Weavers.


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