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Group Photo

This group photo is another in my collection. I received it in a lot of cast-off photos from all over the country and throughout the 20th century.

Fortunately, this one has several autographs on the back, so it's going to take me longer to type this blog post than to identify where it's from!

I start with any markings that aren't names. I see "UD?" in the upper left corner, but that's about all. Next, I can skip over the names that will be more common in a search--sorry, Shirley Martin and Tom Welch--and find more unique names: Walter Kruhmin, Charles Baader, Walter C. New, Grace Regester, and [jackpot!] Blossom Carl. There cannot be that many Blossom Carls in America who attended a school in what looks like the 1930s.

Indeed, searching online for Blossom Carl and a few others leads me to Upper Darby (UD!) Pennsylvania.

The signatures on the back of the photo correspond to the Class of 1939 from Upper Darby High School. I don't see where this photo appears in the 1939 yearbook, but the background in this photo is the same as others that year (and differs from the previous few years). I suspect this is a photo of one of the homerooms that year.

The autographs on the back:

Marjorie Alexander

Charles Baader

Nelson Britton

Bob Buscher

Pearl Enderle

W. [Wheeler] Gilmore Jr.

Laney [Madelaine] Hackett

Jessie Hawthorne

Eleanore Kates

Walter Kruhmin

Shirley Martin

Claire "Dipsy" Moran

Dave Myles

Warren C. New

Shirley Nissen

Grace Regester

Betty Schlichter

F.S. [Frank Sheldon] Searle

Dorothy Tubbs

Maude Wallace

Robert M. Weisbrod

Tom Welch


Blossom Carl

Below on the left is Blossom's graduation photo from the 1939 yearbook. On the right is the young lady in the front row, lower left, of the group photo. My eye tells me she too is Blossom, from School Picture Day, 83 years ago.

comparison of photos
Blossom's graduation photo (left) and a face from the group photo (right)


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