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By Jen

I've been thinking a lot about heirlooms lately and often wonder what things of mine that seem ordinary to me now will someday be cherished heirlooms to my descendants. I decided I'm going to write some posts about some of my heirlooms and their stories.

My grandma, Dorothy Bliss Smith, was born on 10/11/12 - the easiest birthday to remember. She was born south of Omaha near Riverton, Iowa, to Kimber and Rose Smith.

Gerald, Walt, and Dorothy Smith

When she was a little girl, her Uncle Norm gave her a little rocking chair with sweeping, curved arm rests. Clearly she really treasured this item as she held onto it her entire life. It's probably close to 110 years old and is still lovely and elegant.

antique rocking chair
Dorothy's rocking chair from Uncle Norm

Uncle Norm


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