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Heirlooms: Green Glass from Norway

By Jen

I'm always fascinated by what 19th century immigrants brought with them from their home countries. My great great grandmother, Ingeborg Anna Johannesdatter Sandnes Jensen, brought these 2 green glass cups with her when she emigrated in 1869.

Norwegian decorated glass cups
Ingeborg's green glasses from Norway

She married Jacob Jensen in April 1869 and they immediately left from Trondheim, Norway to homestead in America.

Norwegian wedding photo 1869
Jacob and Ingeborg (Sannes) Jensen's Wedding Photo. April 1869, Norway.

I wonder how many of them she originally brought and am amazed that these 2 survived 153 years. I picture them sipping out of these elegant glasses during harsh winters on the South Dakota prairie and getting misty-eyed about their home in Norway.


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