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New Service Alert!

Share your family's history! With the community events that I've had a table at recently, I've heard one reoccurring thing. So many people have told me how much they have missed having family reunions and that this summer they will have the first one that they've had since before the pandemic. Many people have asked for good ways to share their research with others at family reunions. We offer a new service to help with such a thing - We can create narrated video presentations of your family's history. We simply give you a link or a QR code that you can share with your family and they can view the video there. Pricing is $39/hr of work. If you already have the research in a shareable tree, it would be rather quick for us to complete. If we need to do the research, it would obviously take longer. Everything is completely customizable and we would give you a total price prior to the start of the project.

 A Hegnes family reunion near Hudson, South Dakota
A Hegnes family reunion near Hudson, South Dakota


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