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Relatedness Calculator

Among my internet browser's bookmarks--between the recipe for Cheesy Quinoa Enchiladas and the floor plan of a house I can't afford to build--is this relatedness calculator:

I find it's a useful tool for defining degrees of relatedness, or familial relationships. Sure, I have numerous laminated charts and diagrams that I use daily for visualizing how closely one person is related to another. But what I like about this tool is the way a user can input what they're looking for.

The user doesn't need to know exactly how a person is related to them in terms of how many generations removed they are. For example, if I wanted to know how I 'relate' to my half-sister's daughter's daughter, I can simply type that relationship description into the search box.

relatedness calculator example

The results show me a diagram of that relationship that is very easy to understand. It can handle pretty complex relationships too. I used "my father's half-brother's great-granddaughter" for another search, and it generated a correct diagram with ease.

Another feature I like about these diagrams is that they isolate the people involved in the relationship and eliminate the visual clutter of relatives who are not relevant to the specified relationship.

The site also generates a coefficient of relatedness (or biological relationship) and the degree of relation for each relationship. Each are informative for specific purposes. However, when I am working with DNA results and trying to figure out how biological relatives relate to another person--this is not the tool I use. There are plenty of other tools and guides to help with that. However, if you want a nice chart or to figure out a complicated pathway to a relative or ancestor, this is good place to start.


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