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Family Tree Building


Just as every family is different, so is every family tree.  And there are several approaches to building a family tree.


  • We can start from scratch with minimal information from you, or expand a tree that you've already started.  We often fill out the branches of a tree started by a client that have become "roadblocks" or are have been more difficult to research than the other branches. 

  • Each person gets to decide who their family is and what their family history will reflect.  Some people have a "traditional" family structure that will ultimately look like a more traditional family tree.  Others do not.  Some clients research their biological family, some choose an adoptive family, and some choose or both.  Other clients may want to research informally adoptive family or other meaningful people in their lives.  There are also times when particular branches are purposefully excluded from a family tree. 

  • Sometimes the ultimate goal of a family tree is to research as far back in time as possible.  Other times, the goal is to add as much dimension as possible to each ancestor, or to include detailed information about non-direct ancestors like cousins, aunts and uncles, siblings of your direct ancestors.

Although there are a few decisions to be made, it needn't be overwhelming.  We've had great feedback from people who wanted a family tree, set a budget, and waited for us to reveal the finished product and the highlights.  This option pairs well with the individualized sessions and recordings where the elements of our research are revealed in an interactive session or easy-to-follow video journey.

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